Ergo HQ Crystal Clear Panel for Desk Table Counter Top FreeStanding


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  • Protective Sneeze Guard made with Crystal Clear. Our Sneeze Guards are a Perfect Shield to protect your essential employee from coughing and sneezing!
  • This Sneeze Guard protects against the exposure to droplets sprayed from coughing and sneezing, and reduces the exposure to bacteria and germs.
  • You can use our Sneeze Guard on any flat surface however, this Sneeze Guard is most commonly used on tabletops counters and cubicle desks.
  • Sneeze Guard Acrylic Barrier is 4mm thick with rounded corners for easy handling.
  • All Sneeze Guards can be expanded to cover greater length by purchasing a greater qty and placing them side by side.
  • Our Sneeze Guard is crystal clear and will arrive with a protective film on either side of the screen to protect the Sneeze guard from becoming damaged or scratched during shipping and installation.
  • Installation is quite simple, just peel it off and install the panel onto the included 2 panel desk clamps.
  • Varies dimensions are available for your need.

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24"W x 24"H
24"W x 30"H


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