FRIANT'S My-Hite 3 Stage A Flexible Solution for the Office

Product Highlights

Three-Staged Dual Motor

My-Hite’s quiet, dual motor ranges from 24.5” to 50” high with a telescoping base accommodating worksurfaces width from 42″ to 84” wide.

Standard Memory

This easily programmable memory can set different heights whether you want to sit or stand. The one touch system allows for the table to be at your desired height.


Limited finishes are available in 10-working days at Fríant Standard price. The time frame may change due to the order size, the maximum being 50 stations.


Create a workplace that positions you for success. Collaborators can work together. And focus when they must. Standers can stand and sitters sit. Individual contributors feel empowered. Executives feel well served.

FRIANT'S My-Hite 3 Stage A Flexible Solution for the Office

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My-Hite 3 Stage

Reducing the discomfort of sitting all day, My-Hite tables were designed to promote an adaptable workspace by allowing your team to sit or stand. With complete flexibility, this height adjustable table has 3 programmable presets allowing you to control your comfort. There are 3 paint finishes available – Silver, Black Umber and Cloud White. Work-surfaces are offered in various sizes and configurations in any of our 29 standard laminate colors. My-Hite can be integrated into any Friant system so finding the right match is easy.