FRAINT’S Verity Our Benching System for Better Workflow



Verity is a benching system that creates a productive workspace, which welcomes interaction and enhances the workflow for teams. While it’s perfect for a well-balanced open office, we recognize the privacy of individuals with the easy-to-add screens. Track mounted screens are available in fabric or glass. Surface mounted screens are available in fabric, glass and markerboard. As your team grows, Verity can be reconfigured or expanded to support new dynamics.


Product Highlights

120 Degree Feature

This unique feature gives you the flexibility to create more workspace with the open bench feel.

Made to Grow

As your team grows Verity allows you to attach units and create needed workspace.

Power and Data Integrated

Verity comes standard with top access power and cord management below the surface. This keeps workspace clean and free of clutter. Each person gets their own power module to ensure ample access.