The Modern Open Work Space we’ll come across in 2021.

More and more businesses are changing their office spaces to the modern open work space. For what reason? The goal is to increase face time and team interactions. Although there has been many studies on the open work space system, there still is not a solid answer on whether or not its the most efficient way to have your office set up. However the office furniture industry has been having an increased demand in open work space office furniture. Making the possibility of testing an open work space in the office possible with many more affordable options being released yearly.

Companies such as Ergo HQ and Office Star Products are creating affordable pieces of office furniture to achieve an open work space environment. It seems as though, a major constant in open work space office furniture is a contemporary design with an ingenuity for function. For example, Ergo HQ offers their EOS Mobile Box File With Cushion, a box file with rollers that has a cushion on top. Embracing minimalism and function!

Seeing the design of a simple seat that has so many purposes is truly amazing, however some prefer to have an open work space for the constant mobility. Many businesses have workers who, for the most part, never use their desk or office. To be more efficient many will instead open the office space and choose furniture that embraces the constant movement. Such as the active seat with the carry handle that Office Star offers.

A easy to move seat, with a contemporary design. Easily stored, and easily handled. The open work space is still being enhanced yearly with more and more research being done. We have companies such as Ergo HQ, OSP, and many more for their constant innovation and supply to the demand of a more efficient work space!